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Dip into your Key Qualities to be reminded of the brilliance of your personality and what strengths come naturally to you. 


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How to use: get started guide



It’s pretty simple.

From your dashboard, click the explore button alongside “your qualities” (or the ★ icon on mobile)





You can then click on any word to pop up a card that tells you the brilliance of that quality.

Click around to keep exploring the 13 qualities of your personality.






You can also explore the spectrum of that personality trait.

For example if you are described as ‘reserved’, you will see this sits on the same dimension as “sociable” and “outgoing”.



This helps you understand this quality in the context of other people and the different strengths at each position along this personality trait.

It also helps you recognise these other qualities are part of your personality too – just that it might feel like a stretch, or even quite a big shift, for you to act in this way.

An extra tip: Hover or click on the ? icon to see what we mean by Strength, Stretch and Shift.






Some theory & FAQs


How personalised are my key qualities?

While it might not look it – your key qualities are as personalised as the Facet5 Profile or a Spotlight. There are 2197 possible word clouds - but there are 371,293 possible combinations of cards! This is because the card descriptions are even more carefully tailored to your personality.




Why 13 words?

Each words represents one of the 13 subfactors we measure (based on the Big 5 model of personality and a process called Factor Analysis).






Why are they different sizes?

The bigger the word, the stronger this quality stands out in relation to other people. In your Personal Profile these will be the sub-factors with a score closer to 1 or 10.

Smaller words relate to ‘midrange’ scores. These don’t stand out as much since they are similar to a bigger proportion of people:





What do the colours mean?

The colours match the Factor (or trait) that the quality belongs to:

Green = Will

Orange = Energy

Red = Affection

Blue = Control

Pink = Emotionality



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