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Compare any two profiles together to see a visual overlay and explore the dynamics of this duo.

Or get curious and explore how you might be experienced by a profile very different to your own. What would be the benefits of working with someone like this - and what would be the challenge? Be curious about the experiences and preferences of people you work with.


This is a great for awareness, exploration and conversation for…

  • Coach and Coachee
  • Manager and Direct Report
  • Peer to Peer / Team Members


How it works

If you are logged in, your profile will be selected on the left hand side by default.

You can then compare this any Profile that has been shared with you. Alternatively, you can manually create someone's Profile if you know their scores, or select the Facet5 Family they belong as a short-cut option. 



The primary profile is shown in pink, while the secondary profile is in grey, and represented by grey dots in the surrounding factor scores. 

Underneath are statements describing these two profiles when working together. Where there are differences you will see both complementary approaches but also potential challenges. Where profiles are more similar, there might be an ease of working together, but also a risk of colluding.




Group by Element

View how all the factors come together, grouped under Strengths, Risks, Frustrations or Challenges. This helps you to see how the Factors might combine together in this relationship.

Strengths: How do your personality shine through in this relationship when at its best?

Risks: What do you need to be aware of and manage?

Frustrations: What might cause tension working with this personality?

Challenge: What will help you in this relationship?




Group by Factor

View the Strengths, Risks, Frustrations and Challenges when working with this person, grouped by Factor.

This helps you make sense of your Factor score differences, be more aware and adapt. This can help you to better understand the Facet5 Factors for yourself, and what this person experiences from a different position along the scale. 

This also helps you see how the Strengths, Risks, Frustrations and Challenges are related under a common driving Factor. 

Each factor can be toggled to reveal or close, so you can open a couple of factors in order to discuss the interactions at play.



Swap Profiles

Each statement is written from the perspective of the primary (left-side) profile, which is the individuals by default. 

The swap profiles option at the top of the screen will switch the profiles so the statements are written from the perspective of the other person. What are their strengths, risks frustrations and challenges?

This is a powerful second way for individuals to view and understand their own profile, seeing it through the eyes of another personality. 



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