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Using Spotlight within myFacet5

Spotlight within myFacet5 and includes additional, completely personalised coaching notes for each challenge. So individuals can not only explore in a more interactive and bitesize way, but also deep dive into the development practice that matters.  



Spotlight is a fantastic introduction to understanding your personality within the context of how you work, and the people you work with. It has all the validity of the Facet5 psychometric model, but has been designed and adapted so it doesn't require an in-depth debrief from an accredited practitioner. 

This makes it a hugely accessible guide to developing self-awareness. It can be used on its own, between managers and each team member, or within talent or leadership programmes in order to offer a more personalised reference to keep coming back to in order to understand natural preferences, strengths and watch out areas.

You can find out more about the Spotlight model here, but the focus of this article is using Spotlight within myFacet5. 




Intro + Instructions

All the instructions and guidance is given up front for someone to understand what is in their Spotlight, including recommended steps for creating a development plan using Spotlight challenges.


Here's how it looks on desktop... 




Exploring the Domains


The domains can be explored one at a time, using the nav bar at the top to quickly move between them.



On mobile, simply use the drop down menu at the top of the screen. 




Strength of Statement Key

Venn icons alongside each personality item show similar or different this trait is in comparison to others, and therefore how strong a preference it is.

The key is shown at the bottom of each domain, but you can also hover (or click on mobile) over any icon to understand what these mean.





Growth Challenges and Coaching Notes

Within myFacet5, the challenge statement is big and bold. This is to give clear emphasis and focus on how someone can stretch or adapt their style.

For each challenge, myFacet5 gives in depth and completely personalised coaching notes. Never generic. This allows individuals to explore that challenge and reflect how this shows up for them in their current role, working with other team members or with their manager.


Simply click to expand or collapse coaching notes for each challenge:





Development suggestions


Ideas and actions for taking insight into action are shown at the bottom of the page. Or the last section in the drop down menu on mobile. 

We recommend individuals start to practice self-awareness by picking challenges based on their own judgement above all else. If a challenge jumps out at you, it’s often a good one to pick!


They can also consider some recommended options to get them started or help mix it up... 

  • Pick 1 challenge from each domain
  • All challenges from 1 domain 
  • Pick a challenge that a biggest stretch 


Many will use Spotlight as part of a development programme, alongside company personal development processes or with their manager. To support this or help individuals continue to practice for themselves, there are some tips for creating a quick and simple development plan or starting questions for a coaching style conversation.




Sharing Spotlight

Whether or not someone has their own Spotlight, you can share your Spotlight with them. They will be invited to register for a myFacet5 account if they don’t have one already, and can then view this online securely. Sharing can be easily removed at any time.

If they do have a Spotlight - this will automatically be shared in return. 

It will look exactly the same as viewing your own Spotlight, but with that individuals name showing at the top of the page, as a watermark effect when scrolling down. They also won’t be able to download the Spotlight PDF.




PDF Download 

A PDF version of Spotlight can be downloaded from the top of the page. 





Coming soon… pin to dashboard

Our design and development team are working on ways to make Spotlight even more interactive within myFacet5.  Soon you will be able to select challenges to show on your dashboard, and mark these as complete to track your progress as you go. 









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