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Whether it's a face to face debrief, a catalysing team session or in depth leadership programme, our Facet5 reports all too often go in the desk drawer, or fall into the depths of our ever-growing inbox. 🙁

Out and sight, out of mind, and back to the busy. We know it - we do it too!  



But your personality doesn't get filed away. It comes right along with you into each conversation, interaction and decision.  

And what if they lose it? What if they threw it away in a big clear out?

What if they left the company, or don't know who to ask to get hold of it? 

What if they had a debrief in second language, but want to read through their Profile in their native language

Or simply if you're paperless? 🌳



It's their personality, their data, their insights. It belongs to them. So it's important people can get hold of their profile whenever they need it and as easily as possible. For any report that is available on myFacet5, you can download a PDF version from your personal myFacet5 account. 


Here's how... 


Downloading from Desktop looks like this... 👇



Here's the process step by step...

  1. Click through to your Profile or Spotlight 
  2. Click the big purple "Download PDF Report" button. 
  3. In the pop up box, choose from any available report language from the drop down menu, before clicking Download. 
  4. The PDF will open up within the browser, and can then be downloaded or saved to your files. 

And it works exactly the same - and just as easily - on tablets and mobiles.





Can I download someone else's report? 


Quite intentionally, when you share your Profile or Spotlight with others, they can only see this within their myFacet5 account, and they won't be able to view or download the PDF version of your report. 

This means people can share reports with colleagues, their manager or their friends, review who they are sharing with at any time, and remove their access whenever they like. You can check out our sharing how-to for more info about this. 

Of course they can still choose to download a PDF and send this to someone directly. 


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