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The simple act of taking a glance through someone’s Profile, can give the perspective that separates that person’s work - from them as a person.

Whether a team get on the line using a zoom URL, or an IRL ribbon – it is a great shared experience to reveal your collective personalities as you move through the factors and subfactors.

And very often we find that afterwards people want to continue getting to know each other better, as people.


A simple next step once you’ve shared your scores on the line, is to share your Profiles with each other. But rather than this being an email sent from the facilitator, coach or team leader, it’s nice to leave actions firmly in the hands of the team.


myFacet5 allows people to share their Profile. And if the person they share with has their own Profile – they will automatically share it in return.

That means if one person in the team kicks off the sharing, it takes less sharing each time for everyone to be linked up. Sort of like a domino effect.


Try this out: A great team commitment to end a session is to get each person in the team to self-assign themselves to a number and create a sharing chain.

Here is an example with a team of 5:

1. Rachel. I share my Profile with Clive, Heather, Nicola and Sonja

Remember, they automatically share with me when they accept.

2. Sonja. Sonja now just needs to share with Clive, Heather and Nicola

3. Clive. He shares with Heather and Nicola

4. Nicola. Now only needs to share with Heather.

5. Heather. Is now already sharing with the whole team.

This gives a tangible, simple, collective action that builds a bit of momentum, signals active sharing and gives an easy way to revisit our personalities and stay curious about each other.

How to share? Click and see


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