5 reasons to use myFacet5 after a Debrief

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Let’s run through the really good things about using myFacet5 after a profile debrief 🙂


1. Better protected personal data


Keeping personal data safe is becoming more and more important to businesses and individuals - and rightly so. When you ask someone to complete a questionnaire, they are trusting that their data won’t end up anywhere it shouldn't.

By creating their myFacet5 account after the debrief, they can access and download their own report directly.

That means their personal data is in one place: with them. Rather than sitting in your email sent items, and their inbox. It also avoids the risk of you accidentally emailing it to the wrong “Tony” in a rush.
Luckily I haven’t ever sent a Facet5 Profile to the wrong person. And I’d quite like to keep it that way.  


Oh and remember – only create a myFacet5 account after the debrief! Otherwise, they’ll be able to access their profile beforehand, and spoil the self-perception part of their debrief.



2. Easier to find


It's important people can visit their Profile quickly and easily, having it within reach. Not relegated to a desk drawer or consigned to a clutter of files somewhere on a computer.

myFacet5 means people can log in from any device to get access their profile. And popping a shortcut on their phone makes it even easierWith distributed teams, remote teams, paperless teams – and busy people – knowing exactly where to find something makes it much more likely you’ll use it.  


Bonus Tip: While we’re on the topic of accessibility  – if you do a debrief in a shared language, but the individual wants a copy of their PDF profile in their native language, they can choose to download their Profile in any of the 23 languages within myFacet5. 


3. Something new - Key Qualities


Understandably, if there’s nothing new or extra to explore in myFacet5, there might not be much motivation to log in straight and look through the same Profile statements you’ve just recently explored.

That’s the beauty of Key Qualities. It’s online-only, interactive and bitesize – designed to be explored outside of a debrief conversation.

It builds on the word cloud on the front page of their Profile, describing the brilliance of each personal quality (based on the sub-factors), one at a time. 

This can help someone re-examine a part of their personality that they didn’t fully understand or land with them the first time around. And because its strength based, it can be great way to reengage and remind them how a particular personality trait is really quite brilliant.



4. Simple sharing


Having a conversation with a practitioner is a crucial first step to begin understanding your profile. But what really brings it ongoing self-awareness practice to life, is when personality becomes something you talk about with others. With family, with colleagues, with your manager or with a coach. It’s in discussion we articulate something for the first time or find a new perspective.

myFacet5 makes it easy to share a Facet5 Profile, Family Portrait or Spotlight with others – with anyone. Check within your account anytime who you have shared with, and remove sharing access anytime – such as when you move teams or company. Or at the end of a coaching relationship.

And if the person you share with also has a Facet5 Profile – they will automatically share their report in return. And that means you can…



5. Compare your Profiles side by side!


This one is a crowd-pleaser, conversation-starter and relationship-builder.

It’s the one people are most keen to pick up and have a go with. And it’s one of the best ways to take your self-awareness to the next level. Because real self-awareness is being able to see yourself through the eyes of other people.

Inside myFacet5, you can compare any two Profiles to see them visually overlaid, and how those personalities are likely to work together.

Put in your profile and someone you work with to you see what you each bring, things to be aware of, and suggestions for working well together.


You can also swap the profiles to help understand how they might experience you.

So while … “you may feel they move too quickly without due consideration”, swapping your profiles reveals they may be frustrated by your lack of obvious enthusiasm.


This helps both people find ways to take a step towards the other, learning small but meaningful adjustments to be better understood in the way they'd like to be. And with awareness and practice, comes acceptance of all facets of your personality.




We never want Facet5 to be something someone HAD or DID. Personality should be something someone HAS or IS. It belongs to them. That’s why we called it myFacet5. 


I have a Facet5 Profile. And now it’s on myFacet5.

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