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A myFacet5 account is created from the workbench project with that individual's purchased report(s) - otherwise these won't be linked to the account. 

The myFacet5 account is automatically linked to any purchased Profiles that are available on myFacet5: these currently include the Personal Profile, the Family Portrait and Spotlight. If you purchase additional reports after the account is created - they will simply need to log out and log back in to see the new report. 

And Remember!

If you are debriefing a Profile with an individual, send their myFacet5 invite after the debrief to ensure they do not view their Profile in advance




To create accounts for one individual in a project:

Click on their name in the project to see their respondent page. Under the Respondent's Details section, click the 'Create myFacet5 Account' button and then click Ok in the pop up message to confirm.




Once sent, you will see a green message bar to confirm the account creation: 







To create accounts for everyone in a project:

On the project page above the Respondents, click Create myFacet5 Account and then click Ok in the pop up message to confirm.




Check your workbench inbox to see the status of each account and whether these were successfully linked. 


Don't see a "Create myFacet5 Account" button? get in touch with our support team or your local distributor. This might just need to be switched on for your workbench - especially if you've had an account with us for a long time. 


How do I create accounts for only some people within a project?

Just like sending invitations for the questionnaire -you can hide or remove the respondent's you don't want to create a myFacet5 account for. Then click the 'Create myFacet5 Account' button above the respondents list.




They create a myFacet5 account password

They will be sent a short email to say their myFacet Account has been created with a link to create a password for their account:



This link is valid for 5 days. They can use "Forgot my Password" on the myFacet5 log in page to create a new password after this link has expired.

(Emails are sent from myFacet5 <>)


Clicking this link takes them to a simple password update screen:






What if they have already registered? 

If someone has already registered and created a myFacet5 account (but that isn't linked to a report), the 'Create myFacet5 Account' button will link their report(s) to the existing account.

This is likely to happen where someone has been trying to access myFacet5 before being invited, or if someone else with a myFacet5 account has invited them to register in order to share their personal report or profile data with them. 

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