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Your Personality. In your hands. Take it wherever you go. Use it whenever you need.

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What is it?

myFacet5 is a Web App. It's an Application - on a Website.   

Practically, this means it works across a whole mix of devices, browsers and operating systems. So you can use it on a computer, tablet or mobile - whatever works best for you. Web-based applications also have a greater ability to integrate with other systems, and upgrades are applied seamlessly without app updates needed. 



Features to Explore

Your Profile whenever you need it, including the report pdf. No more drawer digging or scrappy pages. Less paper, more secure and more accessible in the moment. 

Available only with a Facet5 Profile (Foundation or Personal Profile)

Share your profile data and/or reports with others. They don't need a Facet5 Profile in order to create a myFacet5 account and sign in to view the report. 

Compare personality between two people with shared profiles , or between two families. Understand your personality better seeing yourself alongside someone else. 

Available only with Spotlight:

Detailed tailored coaching notes for each challenge. To help people reflect on their preferences and consider the value of this development and actions they could take.




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