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A collection of lovely quotes shared by some amazing people who love using Facet5.




Executive Coach & Chartered Occupational Psychologist 

"It opens up the most extraordinary conversations"

"I've been using Facet5 for 18 years. I love it because it's so powerful, versatile and it's very practical. My experience is that clients really love it.  I've used Facet5 as a consultant and coach, in selection, onboarding, transition, career and executive coaching. And extensively in leadership programmes and in team development. 

I think what's so powerful about Facet5 is the power of the conversations it opens up, and the connection people make when they understand their own preference. That helps them understand how they work, how they interact with others, their style in communicating and influencing. 

It opens up the most extraordinary conversations and gives people the kind of insight into both their own ways of working, but also in understanding how they can work differently with others and what they need to adjust. I can't advocate for Facet5 highly enough."





Financial Conduct Authority

"a very powerful tool to enhance peoples awareness"

"I found Facet5 a very powerful tool to enhance peoples awareness and levels of collaboration. What I really like about it is that it's very tangible and easy to comprehend

What I've heard from clients is that not only does it provide really really powerful insights, but that it's something they can continually refer back to, and chart their progress as they learn to flex their styles and get curious about other people. That's what I love about it"





Following his profile debrief

"I'm going to be much more open about sharing my personality style"

"I found the questionnaire surprisingly simple and easy. you're encouraged to answer quite instinctively and I reckon it took me about 10 minutes. The debrief experience was absolutely fascinating. before the debrief you're inevitably a little bit nervous that the questionnaire and the analysis will reveal something weird about the way you're made up.

But you soon appreciate it's telling you things that you instinctively know already, but putting it into words that make it easy to understand what you're like. By the end of it, I felt much more confident about myself and who I am

The key takeaway from the whole experience, and it sounds very trite and obvious, but everyone is different. My own profile is quite an extreme one, so it seems very important to keep that in mind and to remember the people you are dealing with are very unlikely to have the same kind of profile as me, so I need to adapt my style to other people. I'm going to be much more open about sharing my personality style, and ask other people about their style, so I can understand and work more effectively with them"





Spirus Marketing 

"I've stumbled across the holy grail in unlocking potential in people" 

"After my Facet5 accreditation I can't help but look at everybody through my Facet5 goggles! I don't know how I used to manage people without it. In marketing PR, you're constantly working with people and needing to get the best out of them, and Facet5 really has helped me achieve that. I really feel that I've stumbled across the holy grail in unlocking potential in people. 






Purple Tulip Consulting

"their 'a-ha' moment, when suddenly everything makes sense to them in terms of how they've been behaving and feeling at work"

"My favourite thing about Facet5 is people's reactions to it. When people receive their profile in a feedback for the first time, some say that it validates who they are. We often call it their 'a-ha' moment, when suddenly everything makes sense to them in terms of how they've been behaving and feeling at work.

It provides a common language for teams, so very quickly you're about to understand not only your own behaviours and preferences but also the behaviours of your colleagues around you. Suddenly the reason why your team is not performing perhaps as well as it could be can be made really clear and easy to understand. 

The report is really user friendly. The questionnaire only takes about 15 minutes to complete, and the report has lots of really rich information with really clear and simple language. It's easy to interpret and easy to understand. 

My clients like it because once embedded in an organisation it provides a common language for people. People know what it means to be an Explorer or an Advocate. People know what that means when they're working together as part of a team. 

I've used it extensively in my consultancy for the last 9 years, and whilst I'm qualified to use other personality profiling tools, Facet5 will always be my solution of choice."





DST People

"we've integrated the use of Facet5 into nearly all of our products and services"

"We're driven by helping organisations achieve behaviour change, and helping teams to think win-win, so we've integrated the use of Facet5 into nearly all of our products and services in some way or another. Facet is a really visual tool, and easy for our clients to understand and use. 

We love the way they continue to develop various reports which provide such valuable insights and see ourselves using Facet5 for many years to come."



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