Can I put myFacet5 on the screen of my phone like an app?

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Adding myFacet5 to your mobile takes half a minute and makes all the difference in keeping your personality at hand for regular reflection and sharing in the moment. 


Android phones: Open Chrome or Firefox and go to Tap the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, then tap "Add to home screen".


iPhone or iPad: Open Safari and go to Tap the square icon with an up arrow  at the bottom of the screen (in the middle), scroll down the menu and tap "Add to home screen".



If you do this from the Dashboard page, this will save as 'Dashboard | myFacet5' by default. Or you can rename this before clicking Add. 



It will be saved as a white Facet5 icon on a black squircle. Here's how it looks on my mobile!

As you can see you can do this with any website, include this Knowledge Hub 😉





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