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Personal development should be personal.

How do you get people to actually learn and adapt their behaviours? Not just to the latest leadership concept, but to continued and unpredictable shifts and situations? 

We can’t really get away with 'training’ people anymore. Workplaces are complex systems, with each role, team, department and company creating a unique blend of cultures at play.

More and more organisations are finding ways to put the individual at the centre of the learning, so the growth is relevant to them. 



Where do I start? 

Generic workshops are often reassuring in the moment, offering neatly packaged areas to focus on, amongst the chaos of management and leadership challenges. But how do people know how they currently show up in those areas? How do they make sense of their individual inconsistencies, complexities and context which might be very different to the person sitting next to them in the same workshop? 



A simple personality tool like Spotlight is fantastic to use throughout a programme. It doesn't require a full intensive 1:1 debrief like a full Profile, so it can be introduced quickly and linked back to again and again to explore different elements in a light and bite-size way. 

This keeps people curious and connected to the topics and learning by giving them more targeted and personally meaningful actions for development. They can see where they fit into the picture, and focus on the areas that will make the largest difference.



Little and often

Using personality tools as a short "self-awareness" session or workshop sends an unhelpful message and making it seem like stand-alone learning or a skill. Personality goes with you wherever you go. And being enduring traits over time, is something you can see in both past situations and new scenarios and contexts. 


"What I've heard from clients is that not only does it provide really really powerful insights, but that it's something they can continually refer back to, and chart their progress as they learn to flex their styles and get curious about other people. That's what I love about it"


To get the most from personality data they've paid for, and boost the overall insights and participation throughout the programme, design ways to link workshops, competencies and concepts back to their personality. How will their personality help them achieve that certain leadership skill, such as giving feedback? What can they leverage? What traits make it more difficult?

By personalising learning along the way, you’re also able to keep linking it to them and give leaders a compelling reason to change the way they work.


Take a Blended approach with myFacet5

No matter how inspiring and engaging a workshop is, change and growth takes time.

Self-awareness moments can be provoked in a debrief or great workshop, and are especially effective when part of a well facilitated team discussion or activity. But what happens when the people leave the room? It is all too easy to leave their development at the door and get caught up in day to day priorities. 

Having an individual Spotlight report within myFacet5 empowers the individual to take their personality insights with them, access tailored coaching notes on the go and in the moment, and choose challenges to work on between sessions and after the programme. 



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