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We love our masterclass discussions, which create a place for our practitioners to come together to hear and learn from each other. Here is a high level summary from some of a spring-time conversation focused on Spotlight, where you told us about how Spotlight and development fit together in your experiences, and some lessons learned along the way. 




Q. Spotlight is a tool focused on Personal Development – but what’s the value of Personal Development?

There was plenty of conversation around performance, better communication, team development, personal wellbeing and business success, but we particularly liked this comment: 

"We can’t control the world around us but we can control our behaviours. Rather just go around and around repeating default patterns without being aware and taking ownership of the outcomes of our behaviour. We can take greater personal responsibility, and change how we respond to different situations, different teams, different challenges." 

This really gets to the core of why self-awareness underpins so much of developments and the value it brings people and those around them. 




Q. What are the conditions for Personal Development to take place?

  • Time! I can have all the motivation in the world, but I need to prioritise time for personal development.
  • Trust from their manager and colleagues
  • Feeling safe to give things a go, make mistakes and learn beyond our comfort zone
  • Our own level of self-awareness, knowing our strengths and risks and asking for feedback
  • Being open to learning and new ideas. Willingness to learn and change. Discipline to work on yourself. 
  • A learning culture where continual growth is genuinely embedded
  • Support from others: peers, managers
  • Seeing those around you developing 
  • Feedback from others.


"Resources that make it easier and more accurate. Spotlight helps give more focus and self-awareness, so that personal development is more deliberate and actionable. It also gives a simple framework and clear language for using in peer coaching or development conversations with your manager."




Q. Why is personality critical in self-awareness and personal development?

"Personality provides a framework. A map to navigate within and understanding your start point and choice points."

"Self-awareness needs to be relative to others to help us understand and adapt effectively – so a trait based approach is vital. Not just asking 'Who am I?' - but 'How am I experienced by others around me'?"

"It helps you know where you are naturally successful and where feels more effortful. Knowing what is a greater stretch for you, means you can put more energy, attention and learning into these areas. As well as putting things in place to make the most of your strengths"



Q. So you have a Spotlight report – where do you start?

"When first looking through my report, I focus on sections which feel especially relevant in my current context or things I’m already focused in my development. I also pay a lot of attention to statements which show my strongest preferences. This is really useful, as this highlights both where the greatest strengths are likely to be – and where the greatest challenges and frustrations show up, either for myself or for others working with me.

Then I can have a more focused discussion around these areas - either with a colleague to help me explore some real life situations where this has shown up – with a manager and ask for feedback when they see this showing up, good and bad, or with a personal coach. It really depends on the current context and what I feel comfortable to discuss and motivated to work on."



Q. Where else can you apply insights from Spotlight?

Coaching. Peer Coaching. Personal Development conversations with my manager. Management and Leadership development programmes. Anywhere where individualised personal development is important!


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