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Personal development isn't personal without self-awareness. 

We believe self–awareness is the corner stone of meaningful learning, growth and improved performance, and should be a part of every development opportunity to get the most out of it. After all, how can you move forward if you don't know where you're starting from?


“We are seeing more focussed development, and real action being taken”


An individual report, focused on ongoing development

Spotlight is a report for individuals. Rather than being a comparative tool that helps people understand their behaviours and preferences relative to others, it focuses on just you and your personality across 5 work domains. 

The biggest challenges in development are often making it simple, and making it happen. We know that it's the small, incremental efforts over time that accumulate to the greatest shifts, and that keeping focus and momentum is what makes the difference. 

Spotlight is an easy first step into building self-awareness, and should be used again and again for targeted personal development.  Consistency is key to build new habits and behaviours. That's why we designed a report that breaks down personality into statements that are easy to reflect on and make use of regularly. 



What's inside a Spotlight Report? 

“It is providing an easy and non judgemental language that team members are using to help communicate their strengths, frustrations and areas of development”



  • It's practicaleasy to understand and designed for exploring how personality shows up in the workplace
  • It's personalised - having a possible 371,293 combinations of statements! 
  • It's focused - it gets straight to the "so what", with targeted challenges to stretch you 
  • It's robust - Spotlight uses the same personality questionnaire as the Facet5 Personality Profile, so it has the same well-tested scientific validity and reliability that you can count on



Accessible awareness

Spotlight doesn't require a "debrief" conversation with someone accredited in a psychometric.

In depth personality reports, including the Facet5 Personal Profile, require someone who is trained in that tool to guide the individual through the model, scoring and terminology. While Spotlight uses the same "Big 5" model as Facet5, it has been adapted so it is easier to understand and use without a debrief. 

While a debrief conversation will always be a powerful and irreplaceable experience, this isn't available to everyone. We wanted self-awareness to be accessible to people at all levels in an organisation. Spotlight can be used in lots of different ways...


Spotlight can be used...

  • In 1:1 Coaching
  • Throughout Programmes or Workshops
  • By managers to have empowering development conversations with their team members
  • In a Blended approach using Spotlight within myFacet5
  • Or any combination of these


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