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How similar are you to others?

As well as giving highly individualised personality statements, Spotlight also shows how similar this personality trait is to other people. This builds not only internal self awareness, but external self awareness for greater empathy and understanding others perspectives. 



How are the statements generated?

Personality, like many natural measurements, follows a pattern of normal distribution (or a bell curve). 

This means individuals are most likely to fall somewhere in the middle along the scale, with a fewer proportion of people at each end of the scale. 

Spotlight divided this bell curve into 5 segments (or quintiles) representing around 20% of the population. Depending on where that individuals personality sits along the scale, they will get 1 of the 5 statements. 

For example...

Are you careful and prudent or prefer to keep a light and responsive touch?

  1. You are free thinking and non-judgemental. You adapt easily to changing situations
  2. You are inventive and imaginative in your responses to situations
  3. You accept responsibility when offered but do not always need to take over a situation
  4. You take your work seriously and can be relied upon to meet your responsibilities
  5. You have a strong sense of duty and responsibility and a high regard for standards




Similarity Key

Spotlight does not show you the score or the position along the bell curve. Instead it shows how similar or different this personality preference is to others, using overlapping circles the represent this.


mceclip0.png     Completely overlapping circle 

This means they are in the middle of the bell curve, with personality  that will not stand out in comparison to the majority of people. This will often give them a natural flexibility in their approach, which will be influenced by the context and other people. 


mceclip1.pngSlightly overlapping circles

This shows an individual has a preference which differs slightly to other people (falling in the second or fourth quintiles). They would still have some flexibility in thier approach, but an overall preference towards a particular preference or approach that would show up more often across situations. 


mceclip2.png Hardly overlapping circles 

This shows a personality prreference where someone is most likely to differ from other people (quintile 1 or 5). This is more likely to stand out, and show up very consistently across situations. This is often where someone's signature strengths show up, but also where risks are more likely where those strengths are overplayed. Being a stronger trait also means it is likely to take more deliberate and consistent effort to act against this tendency. 


What is the sample (norm group) used in Spotlight ?

Spotlight uses the current default norm group used for the account it's created in.



Self-Awareness is about self and others 

For quality self-awareness, it's important to know not only our own personality, but how this shows up in relation to those around us. This is known as external self-awareness. This helps us better understand where others might experience us and the world differently to the way we do. No one way of being is right or wrong, but this awareness helps us to communicate better and make more conscious choices about our behaviours. 

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