Facet5 compared to other personality measures

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There are countless personality measures available, with varying numbers of factors, alternative approaches for presenting the data and using a different language to express traits and behaviours.


  • A natural language: Facet5 uses natural, everyday terms that people are familiar with and which are strengths-based. This creates a common language for understanding and talking about behaviours – in comparison to other measures that use overly academic or less balanced language.


  • Big 5 theory of personality: Based on empirical, data driven research, the Big 5 theory of personality is recognised as the most reliable and valid way of measuring and describing personality. Facet5 measures these five factors precisely and quickly.


  • A trait-based tool: Personality traits are measured along a continuum rather than forcing individuals to be one type or another. This is a more precise and meaningful approach which allows people to understand their personality in relation to others.


  • Emotionality as a lens: Facet5 is the only model to apply Emotionality as an interpretive factor - a lens through which to view the other factors. Emotionality impacts how the other 4 factors ‘show up’ and this can create real lightbulb moments in people’s self-awareness.


  • A BPS registered test: The British Psychological Society is a leading national organisation for setting standards in psychological testing and provides independent reviews of psychological tests used in occupational and educational settings.




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