Does personality change?

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 Can I change my personality?

This question is often asked in a Personal Profile feedback conversation, and people may have strong personal opinions on what they believe is true for them and others.

A trait-based approach says our personalities fluctuate in the earlier years of our lives and any measurement is expected to be less reliable up until around the mid to late 20’s. Around this age, our personality stabilises and is unlikely to change significantly over time.



This means while we can change our observable behaviours with conscious effort, our core personality will remain similar over long periods of time.

 As a result, participants shouldn’t worry about events occurring when they took the questionnaire to influence their Profile, or retaking the questionnaire when changing role or after some years have passed.

The best method for measuring personality stability is retest reliability -  the degree to which the results are consistent over time.

Personality is quite stable overall and unlikely to change significantly if someone was to complete the questionnaire again. This is one of the great benefits of having personality data – it offers insights you can return to and make use of for years to come, across different roles, teams and organisations! 


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